Hands-on and Hands-off Learning

When we walk into a classroom, especially an early learning or elementary school one, manipulatives are almost always within reach. Look to your left, and notice the group of children spinning the hands on a pretend clock, trying to figure

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Decisions, Decisions: Helping Students with Complex Reasoning

Most of us have heard the adage about the two ways that someone can get into a swimming pool: jump right in, or enter slowly to acclimate to the temperature a few inches at a time. Most of us have

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A Tale of Two Analyses

For researchers and research-readers alike, the data analysis portion of a study is many things: complex, exciting, frustrating, intriguing, and sometimes even befuddling. And, analytics are always on the move. With each new study, researchers are developing increasingly intricate and

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Use Your Words: The Impact of Parent and Teacher Speech on Early Language Growth

It’s finals time! As the promise of spring and summer days rolls in, the increase in sunshine can mean only one thing for students: assignments, exams, papers, and projects are due. Not surprisingly, this time of year arrives with no

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Understanding Racial Imbalances in Special Education

As another April has come and gone, so has another World Autism Month. The Light It Up Blue campaign celebrates each spring with a renewed push for greater understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. And with greater

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Early Education Program Evaluation: “Differential Susceptibility” to Success

Show me the Money As most parents, teachers, and education policy folks know well, early childhood education is expensive. Whether federally-funded, state-funded, or family-funded, preschool and structured early care generally operate on a pretty tight budget. They also generally operate

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“Nevertheless, She Persisted”

If you watched the Oscars this past weekend, or simply had lucky t.v. timing over the past few weeks, you may have caught GE’s newest commercial featuring MIT scientist Millie Dresselhaus. The ad aims to promote GE’s upcoming diversity endeavor:

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Executive Function: More Than Meets the Eye

Executive functioning (EF) is a burgeoning research area for psychologists, neuroscientists, and educators. For some, EF might seem like the cognitive science flavor of the week. But for others, its study is uncovering a significant piece of the puzzle for

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