Headshot of author and teacher Beth Hawks

Guest Post: “My Learning and the Brain Story”

Beth Hawks has taught science for 25 years. She now serves as the science department…

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attention spaN

Attention Span by Gloria Mark

In our world we now spend over 10 hours a day in front of screens;…

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Book Cover for Teaching & Learning Illuminated

Classroom Cognition Explained, or, Dual Coding Just Right

The Good News: research into cognitive science can be SPECTACULARLY USEFUL to teachers. (That’s why…

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Penguins grouped together into the shape of a heart

An Argument Against “Chunking”

Learning and the Brain exists so that we can talk about good teaching together. Although…

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Young woman draws an animated storyboard

Do Animations Improve Learning? A Definitivie Answer, Please…

Recently I discussed working memory overload with a group of wise and thoughtful teachers. I showed…

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