Education Conferences

Social-Emotional Brains in Schools

Raising Resilience, Restoring Relationships,
and Rebuilding Self-Regulation During COVID-19

November 7-8, 2020
Virtual Conference

Learning & the Brain is an internationally recognized education conference organizer that has been putting together pivotal education conferences per year since 1999.

Due to concerns about COVID-19 and uncertainties regarding school openings, our Fall Conference, which is normally in Boston, will be a "virtual conference" this year.

This year’s Learning & the Brain November conference is designed to help educators as they return to school to revise social and emotional learning programs to today's new normal, raise student resilience, restore relationships, rebuild self-regulation skills, and deal with trauma and behavior problems in their classrooms and schools, as well as in clinical practices, during these uncertain times.

These conferences will continue its mission to empower educators to establish a connection between learning and cognitive sciences while receiving practical tools to fight learning disorders, and most importantly, the best available approach to developing their students’ inner talents and gifts.

Through its innovative conferences, Learning & the Brain has been providing a platform for educators from over 80 countries - including the U.S. and Canada - to share ideas on the latest research and educational advances.

The conferences promote collaboration between different disciplines such as neuroscience, education, and psychology. The conferences also provide a great platform to connect educators from Pre-K to the University level.