Education Conferences

Teaching Purposeful Brains

Creating Meaning, Curiosity, and Connections to Help Kids Learn and Thrive in Uncertain Times

April 17-18, 2021
Virtual Conference

Learning & the Brain is an internationally recognized education conference organizer that has been putting together pivotal education conferences per year since 1999.

Due to COVID-19 , our Winter and Spring Conferences will be virtual this year.

The Learning & the Brain conference in February is designed to show educators how the Science of Learning can inform how they should teach both online and in classrooms.

The Learning & the Brain conference in April is designed to show how hacving purpose and meaning can help students accademically.

These conferences will continue its mission to empower educators to establish a connection between learning and cognitive sciences while receiving practical tools for use in schools.  As always, Learning & the Brain showcases the best available approach to developing their students’ inner talents and gifts based on the latest research.

Through its innovative conferences, Learning & the Brain has been providing a platform for educators from over 80 countries - including the U.S. and Canada - to share ideas on the latest research and educational advances.

The conferences promote collaboration between different disciplines such as neuroscience, education, and psychology. The conferences also provide a great platform to connect educators from Pre-K to the University level.