Teens Who Recognize Their Emotions Manage Stress Better. We Can Help (Maybe).

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Obsessed with Working Memory: SOLUTIONS!

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Good Dog! Goodbye, Dog…

The New York Times is reporting the death of Chaser, a dog who changed the way we think about canine cognition. We used to think that dogs could learn a handful of words, especially if they got treats afterwards. Chaser

When Parents Teach Reading, Do They Also Promote Math Skills?

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Obsessed with Working Memory: Identifying Overload

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Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning by Linda Darling-Hammond and Jennie Oakes

Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning by renowned education scholars, Linda Darling-Hammond and Jeannie Oakes, shows that it is possible to promote equitable education and deeper learning. While honoring the complexity of teaching, Darling-Hammond and Oakes suggest several ways to teach for

Naps In Schools (Just Might) Improve Classroom Learning

I like a good nap. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a bad nap. But for this blog we must ask: can naps benefit learning? We’ve written often about the importance of a good night’s sleep for learning.

Does Banning Classroom Technology Improve Engagement? Learning?

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Critical Thoughts on Teaching Critical Thinking

We can teach critical thinking within disciplines — especially when students master information, and practice core skills. Can we teach more general critical thinking skills? Continue reading