Does Banning Classroom Technology Improve Engagement? Learning?

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Critical Thoughts on Teaching Critical Thinking

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Obsessed with Working Memory: Anticipating Overload

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Growing Mindsets in Argentina?

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Obsessed with Working Memory, Part II

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Beyond the Mouse: Pointing in Online Lectures

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Obsessed With Working Memory: Part I

When I attended my first Learning and the Brain conference, I had never even heard of working memory. Now, I obsess over working memory. And, I think all classroom teachers should join me. Heck, I think everyone who cares about learning,

Does Smartphone Addiction Boost Anxiety and Depression?

Despite all the scary headlines, research on cell-phone usage relies on self-report. And: people are very bad at remembering how much they actually use their phones. We simply don’t yet know much from research about their effects. Continue reading

Debunking Education Myths (Without Accidentally Reinforcing Them…)

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Powerful Evidence: Self-Control Training Works — and Changes Brains

Both survey data and fMRI neuroimaging suggest that a program to help poor children develop self-control skills had real benefits over many years. Continue reading