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When Analogies Go Wrong: The Benefits of Stress?

An amazing discovery becomes an inspiring analogy: Researchers at BioSphere 2 noticed a bizarre series of events: their trees kept collapsing under their own weight. Why on earth would trees collapse? It doesn’t happen outside the BioSphere; so why would

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The Power of Discord: Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships are the Secret to Building Intimacy, Resilience, and Trust by Ed Tronick and Claudia Gold

The famous, well-replicated “still-face experiment” involves an infant and parent seated facing each other. After a few minutes of play, the parent becomes completely unresponsive and shows a blank face. The infant tries an increasingly dramatic array of tricks to

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An Exciting Event In Mindfulness Research [Repost]

I’ve been reviewing old posts, looking for information that might be particularly helpful in today’s strange times. This post — from September — gives us greater confidence that mindfulness helps reduce stress. It’s particularly persuasive research because it studies both

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Home News: Rememebring Bruce McEwen

I first heard Dr. Bruce McEwen talk about the neurobiology of stress in 2010. He had won an award (one of a great many) at MIT, and was lecturing on intricate hormonal interactions within the hippocampus. Even before he began

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An Unexpected Strategy to Manage Student Stress

We might be inclined to reassure our anxious students, and advise them to “remain calm.” This research, however, suggests a surprising alternative. Continue reading

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An Exciting Event in Mindfulness Research

New research on mindfulness training avoids the pitfalls of earlier studies. And: it shows meaningful changes in both the mind and the brain. Continue reading

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The Best (Counter-intuitive) Sleep Advice You’ll Get This Year

How to fall asleep faster? According to this research, take 5 minutes a write a to-do list for the upcoming days. This technique offloads stress, and promotes faster sleep onset. Continue reading

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exam stress

Two Helpful Strategies to Lessen Exam Stresses

Exam stress bothers many of our students. Sadly, it hinders students from lower socio-economic status (SES) families even more. As a result, these students struggle — especially in STEM classes. And, this struggle makes it harder for them to enter

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T/F: Timed Tests Cause Math Anxiety?

Questions about math and anxiety have been on the uptick recently. Over at Filling the Pail, Greg Ashman offers his typically direct analysis. You might disagree with his opinion, but he’s always worth a mental debate. By the way, a

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stress and memeory

Video: Stress and Memory

The folks over at TedEd have posted an excellent video exploring the relationship between stress and memory. The video lasts only a few minutes, but it includes lots of helpful information. In particular, note that we can’t simply say “stress

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