New York Education Conferences

Learning & the Brain has been creating education conferences for two decades now. This conference is one of the few occasions where education practitioners from around the world get to network and collaborate based on the latest findings in cognitive science and learning.

This year’s New York, NY conference happened this spring, and was themed: "Schooling the Self: Using Brain Science to Promote Self-Awareness, Acceptance, Confidence, and Compassion for Achievement."

This conference will be held at the New York Sheraton Times Square Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, which is located close to the Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and the Theater District.

There will be over 50 speakers in attendance, including autism specialist, professor, and author Temple Grandin, with the key topic of discussion being the “science of social minds.” This conference will also tackle timely and relevant subjects that affect today’s student, including media addiction, social anxiety, social skills, and social tolerance.

Educators and clinicians will be equipped with tools and approaches to help their students with these and other challenges that face the modern pupil. All of these solutions are practical approaches based on the latest interdisciplinary research.

This Learning & the Brain conference will also help educators to better understand and apply the science of learning so that students in classrooms, schools and clinical practices around the world can have access to the latest advancements in human progress.  

The conference will also shed light on the connection between learning and cognitive sciences; the best available approaches to bring out latent talents and gifts in students, as well as practical interventions for learning disorders.

Learning & the Brain has been organizing groundbreaking international conferences for almost two decades, in an effort to bring together speakers and educators from over 80 countries including the U.S. and Canada.

Attendees have the rare privilege of sharing and accessing knowledge on the latest science of learning and its concrete application in the classroom.

This conference is also one of the few occasions in which education professionals from Pre-K to university level can meaningfully interact and collaborate. It features faculty from a diverse array of disciplines including education, psychology, and neuroscience, to name but a few.

These education conferrences and summer institutes provide professional development for K-12 and university level educators.

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