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Helping Today’s Students Have More Open Minds

People who demonstrate “intellectual humility” are quicker to admit that they might be wrong, and that others who disagree with them might be right. Early research suggests that promoting a growth mindset can help students develop intellectual humility, and learn from those with whom they disagree. Continue reading

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How Would You Like Inventing a New Math?

Five years ago, I had lunch with a 13-year-old who was thinking about attending my school. He spent much of the lunch telling me about string theory. As one does, when one is 13, and obsessed with string theory. I

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The Mindset Controversy: Is It Time to Give Up?

Few theories have gotten more teacherly attention than Carol Dweck’s work on Mindset. As you no doubt know, she has found that a “fixed mindset” (the belief that ability and intelligence can’t really change) demotivates people. On the other hand,

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Growth Mindsets Help All Subgroups Learn

A Growth Mindset gives a student the equivalent of an extra month in school. This benefit helps all students–including those in SPED, ELL, and disadvantaged minorities. Continue reading

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Mindset, Gender, and Intelligence: Confusing Myth or Painful Truth

In this research, there was no consistent gender split on Mindset. And, for men as well as women, intelligence level didn’t consistently influence Mindset; nor did a Growth Mindset predict academic accomplishment. Continue reading

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5 Praises a Day

Back in May, a brief flurry of articles rose up (here, here, and here) around the “Five Praises a Day Campaign,” which encourages parents of 2- to 4-year-olds to praise their children more often. (The authors don’t claim that the

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Meet the Speakers: Dr. Sapna Cheryan

This article is the first in an occasional series where I’ll introduce people who will be speaking at an upcoming Learning and the Brain conference.   Dr. Sapna Cheryan, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, has been

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Can growth mindset really grow your brain?

The Olympics have just come to an end­. Though this year’s games have been mired in controversy, it’s hard to deny the awe that Olympians can inspire. But behind each astonishing feat of athleticism is a lifetime of training and

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