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The Source of Student Motivation: Deeper than We Know?

Usually I blog about specific research findings that inform education. Today — to mix things up — I thought it would be helpful to talk about an under-discussed theory pertinent to education. This theory helps us at least two ways:

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Good Dog! Goodbye, Dog…

The New York Times is reporting the death of Chaser, a dog who changed the way we think about canine cognition. We used to think that dogs could learn a handful of words, especially if they got treats afterwards. Chaser

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“How You Got to Be So Smart”: The Evolution of our Brains

Evolution of the Learning Brain: or How You Got to Be So Smart, by Paul Howard-Jones, offers an evolutionary history of learning itself. Both richly scientific and fun to read, it gives teachers a helpful, fresh perspective on our work in classrooms and schools. Continue reading

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Early Signs of Autism: “Joint Attention”

This video, by Simon Baron-Cohen, explains the importance of “joint attention” in early diagnosis of autism. Continue reading

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uniquely human

Uniquely Human: How Animals Differ From People

What separates humans from other animals? What makes us uniquely human? This question can be fun to debate. The most common answers — “tool use” and “language” — have their champions. However, lots of animals communicate with sounds. Several species

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Does Forest-Bathing Benefit Your Anxious Amygdala?

Living near forests might promote healthy brain development, especially as measured by “amygdala integrity.” Continue reading

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Can Our Evolutionary Past Help Shape Our Classrooms’ Future?

Humans are genetically adapted for learning. The transmission of information, skills, culture, and knowledge from generation to generation has helped us survive and become who we are today. Our journey to becoming modern humans has been shaped primarily because of

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