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Does Low-Structure Free Time Improve Executive Function?

Students can be taught executive-function skills that help in schools. They learn executive-function skills that help outside of school by playing on their own. Both kinds of practice help children mature. Continue reading

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The Debate Continues: Being Bilingual Doesn’t Improve Executive Function

Adding to a complex research history, a new study finds that being bilingual did not increase executive function. Given the complexity of this question, perhaps we should focus on the obvious benefits of being bilingual: we can meet and talk with more people. Continue reading

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Big Hairy Audacious Education Proposal of the Month

John Medina’s books have been a gateway drug for many a brain-focused teacher. (Like so many others, I myself was introduced to the field by his book Brain Rules.) His most recent book, Attack of the Teenage Brain!, joins a

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Executive Function: More Than Meets the Eye

Executive functioning (EF) is a burgeoning research area for psychologists, neuroscientists, and educators. For some, EF might seem like the cognitive science flavor of the week. But for others, its study is uncovering a significant piece of the puzzle for

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