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College Students Sitting in Hallway

How Students (Think They) Learn: The Plusses and Minuses of “Interleaving”

As the school year begins, teachers want to know: can mind/brain research give us strategies to foster learning? We might also wonder: what will our students think of those strategies? It seems plausible — even likely — that students will

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Future Tense by Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

Being that approximately 20% of US adults have reported having an anxiety disorder in the last year, and many more have experienced situational anxiety which they are trying to reduce, Tracy Dennis-Tiwary suggests it is time for us to redefine

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Student Doing Homework with Laptop

How To Make Sure Homework Really Helps (a.k.a.: “Retrieval Practice Fails”)

Most research focuses narrowly on just a few questions. For instance: “Does mindful meditation help 5th grade students reduce anxiety?” “How many instructions overwhelm college students’ working memory?” “Do quizzes improve attention when students learn from online videos?” Very occasionally,

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The Best Book on Cognitive Load Theory: Ollie Lovell to the Rescue

Teaching ought to be easy. After all, we have a functionally infinite amount of long-term memory. You don’t have to forget one thing to learn another thing — really. So: I should be able to shovel information and skills into

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