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The founder and director of the Emotional and Self-Control Laboratory at the University of Michigan, Ethan Kross has been a leading voice in a field that is helping us understand the workings of the conscious mind and how understanding its

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Physics and Engineering: My New Year’s Resolution

  Over on Twitter, @DylanWilliam wrote: “[P]hysics tells you about the properties of materials but it’s the engineer who designs the bridge. Similarly, psychology tells us about how our brains work, but it’s teachers who craft instruction.” In other words,

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Brain Research in Translation

Science relies on skepticism, so let’s ask a skeptical question: “Does it really benefit teachers to understand brain research? Isn’t good teaching good teaching?” If you’re reading this blog, you doubtless already see the value that brain research offers teachers.

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Limits of Psychology

Look Here Not There: The Limits of Psychology

Daniel Willingham argues that we should acknowledge the limits of psychology education and research for teachers. Although empirical generalizations give us useful guidance, most theories and epistemic assumptions are simply to broad to be helpful. Continue reading

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seductive allure of neuroscience

Can You Resist the Seductive Allure of Neuroscience?

The seductive allure of neuroscience often blinds us. In fact, the image on the right shows the part of the brain — the focal geniculative nucleus — that lights up when we’re taken in by false neuroscience information. Ok, no

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uniquely human

Uniquely Human: How Animals Differ From People

What separates humans from other animals? What makes us uniquely human? This question can be fun to debate. The most common answers — “tool use” and “language” — have their champions. However, lots of animals communicate with sounds. Several species

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Getting the Best Advice about Learning

Occasionally I try to persuade people that neuroscience is fantastically complicated. In other words: we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we don’t master it all. Today I spotted a headline that makes my point for me:   Hippocampus-driven feed-forward inhibition

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Top Neuroscience Stories of 2017, Wisely Annotated

The top neuroscience stories of 2017 help teachers understand the brain, its connection to the body, ADHD, and the guidance that science can offer teachers. Continue reading

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TED ED Takes on the Mind Body Problem

Here’s a short video covering a long-debated question.

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The Effect of Alcohol on Learning…

…might not be what you’d expect. My prediction would have been that if I have a glass of wine before I learn some new vocabulary words, I won’t learn those words as well as I would have fully sober. That prediction,

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