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Boy at Track Start

The Bruce Willis Method: Catching Up Post-Covid [Reposted]

Because of Covid, our students have fallen behind. How can we help them “catch up”? As I argued back in June, Bruce Willis might (or might not) have helpful answers to that question. In the third Die Hard movie, Brue Willis

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Busy Classroom

Do Classroom Decorations Distract Students? A Story in 4 Parts… [Reposted]

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, how should we think about decorating our classrooms? Can research give us any pointers? This story, initially posted in March of 2022, paints a helpfully rich research picture. Teacher training programs often

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Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology by Michelle Miller

The cognition of remembering and forgetting is central to our lives and our intellectual valuation of ourselves. Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology: Teaching, Learning, and the Science of Memory in a Wired World refreshes our knowledge and

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Black College Student Holding Phone

Is “Cell Phone Addiction” Really a Thing? [Reposted]

A well-known Education Twitter personality claimed that “cell phones are as addictive as drugs.” Are they? What should we do when someone makes that claim? Reposted from November of 2021 I recently read a tweet asserting “the fact that cell

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The Best Teaching Advice We’ve Got

I’m on my annual vacation during this month, so I’ll be posting some articles that got attention during the last year. This post, initially from December of 2021, looks at a proposed different way to “put all the research pieces

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Success Graph

It’s All in the Timing: Improving Study Skills with Just-Right Reminders

Some research-based teaching advice requires complex rethinking of our work. For instance: We know that “desirable difficulties” like spacing and interleaving help students learn. At the same time, this strategy might require a fair amount of reorganization in our unit plans.

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Student Writing

An Amazingly Simple Way to Help Struggling Students (with Potential Controversy)

Imagine that you work at a school where these students consistently struggle compared to those students. As teachers and school leaders, you’d like to help these students do better than they currently do; maybe do as well as those students. (Lower down in the post,

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