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Belonging by Geoffrey Cohen

Geoffrey Cohen, a professor of Psychology at Stanford University, explores the science of self and sense of belonging in work, school, politics, relationships, and society at large. He works from an intervention perspective attempting to understand not through observation alone

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A neuron made up of walls of binary code: 0s and 1s.

ChatGPT and Beyond: The Best Online Resources for Evaluating Research Claims

If we’re going to make “research-based” claims about education — and we are! — then we better have the research goods. So, how can we at Learning and the Brain — and you as teachers and administrators — find and

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Two baby goats, one brown and white, theo other black and white, frolicking in a field.

“Seductive Details” meet “Retrieval Practice”: A Match Made in Cognitive Heaven

Here’s a common problem: your job today is to teach a boring topic. (You don’t think it’s boring, but your students always complain…) What’s a teacher to do? One plausible strategy: You might enliven this topic in some entertaining way. You’ve

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Hispanic student wearing a blue shirt raising his hand to ask a question in class

Starting Class with “Prequestions”: Benefits, Problems, Solutions

We’ve known for many years now that retrieval practice works. That is: after we have introduced students to a topic, we might REVIEW it with them the next day. However, they’ll remember it better if we ask them to try to

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