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ADHD and Asperger Syndrome in Smart Kids and Adults by Thomas Brown

In ADHD and Asperger Syndrome in Smart Kids and Adults: Twelve Stories of Struggle, Support, and Treatment, Thomas Brown shares engaging and informative stories of gifted individuals with ADHD. This series of case studies takes on the traditional definitions and

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Dodging “Dodgy” Research: Strategies to Get Past Bunk

If we’re going to rely on research to improve teaching — that’s why you’re here, yes? — we need to hone our skepticism skills. After all, we don’t want just any research. We want the good stuff. But, we face

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Top Neuroscience Stories of 2017, Wisely Annotated

The top neuroscience stories of 2017 help teachers understand the brain, its connection to the body, ADHD, and the guidance that science can offer teachers. Continue reading

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Diagnosing ADHD with MRI

How do we know if a student has ADHD? Typically, we observe behavior. To what degree is the student inattentive? (That’s one kind of ADHD.) To what degree is s/he hyperactive? (That’s another type.) Perhaps the student demonstrates both kinds

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Rates of ADHD Diagnosis: Age, Gender, and Race

Dr. David Rabiner offers a helpful summary of trends in ADHD diagnoses. The short version: rates of diagnosis continue to increase. The longer version: depending how you analyze the categories, you get very different results. For children younger than 5,

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True or False: Fidget Spinners Benefit Students with ADHD?

The Learning Scientists are on the case…

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ADHD: Types and Treatments

Here’s a handy anatomy of ADHD, complete with treatment options. The key point: people are different, and not all ADHD diagnoses are the same. We need to attend to individual differences if we want to help all our students learn.

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