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Diagnosing ADHD with MRI

How do we know if a student has ADHD? Typically, we observe behavior. To what degree is the student inattentive? (That’s one kind of ADHD.) To what degree is s/he hyperactive? (That’s another type.) Perhaps the student demonstrates both kinds

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Rates of ADHD Diagnosis: Age, Gender, and Race

Dr. David Rabiner offers a helpful summary of trends in ADHD diagnoses. The short version: rates of diagnosis continue to increase. The longer version: depending how you analyze the categories, you get very different results. For children younger than 5,

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True or False: Fidget Spinners Benefit Students with ADHD?

The Learning Scientists are on the case…

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ADHD: Types and Treatments

Here’s a handy anatomy of ADHD, complete with treatment options. The key point: people are different, and not all ADHD diagnoses are the same. We need to attend to individual differences if we want to help all our students learn.

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