Skeptical Magnifying Glass

The First Three Steps

Early in January, The Times (of London) quoted author Kate Silverton (on Twitter: @KateSilverton) saying:…

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Blog Braid

A “Noisy” Problem: What If Research Contradicts Students’ Beliefs?

The invaluable Peps Mccrea recently wrote about a vexing problem in education: the “noisy relationship…

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The Goldilocks Map by Andrew Watson

The Goldilocks Map: A Classroom Teacher’s Quest to Evaluate ‘Brain-Based’ Teaching Advice is an entertaining…

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Dual Coding

Teaching with Images: Worth the Effort?

According to Richard Mayer’s “multimedia principle,” People learn better from words and pictures than from…

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Best Video Speed

Let’s Get Practical: How Fast Should Videos Be?

Research often operates at a highly abstract level. Psychologists and neuroscientists study cognitive “tasks” that…

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The Benefits of Direct Instruction: Balancing Theory with Practice

When teachers hear that “research shows we should do X,” we have at least two…

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