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A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley

A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) is an excellently constructed tour of the mind improving your approach to learning and problem-solving. While there are many learning strategy books out there,

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In the exaggerated stereotype of an obsessively traditional classroom, students sit perfectly silent and perfectly still. They listen, and watch, and do nothing else. Few classrooms truly function that way. But, how far should we go in the other direction?

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“If I Want My Students to Learn Math, Should I Teach Them More Math?”

We all agree, I suspect, that students should learn math. And reading. They should learn history. And science. SO MANY other topics. What’s the best way to meet these goals? If I want my students to learn math, is math

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Concrete + Abstract = Math Learning

Should math instruction focus on concrete examples (frog puppets and oranges) or abstract representations (numbers and equations)? This research suggests: a careful balance of both. Continue reading

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When Parents Teach Reading, Do They Also Promote Math Skills?

New research from England gives parents insight into the relationship between learning to read and learning to count. Continue reading

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Website of the Day…

You’d like to understand probability and statistics more richly? Perhaps you’d like to visualize some of the more abstract concepts? Here’s a website that will make your day. The landing page alone is worth the click…

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Isolated blackboard with signs of sex.

Research Morsel: Gender Differences in Math (Again)

The journal Intelligence recently published an interesting study [1] analyzing gender differences in cognitive abilities in the US and India. The question hovering in the background is—as it so often is—“are there innate gender differences in cognitive abilities?” That is: we

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