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The founder and director of the Emotional and Self-Control Laboratory at the University of Michigan, Ethan Cross has been a leading voice in a field that is helping us understand the workings of the conscious mind and how understanding its

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Book Cover for The Hidden Lives of Learners by Graham Nuthall. The cover shows a mountain range in front of a blue and cloudy sky.

The Hidden Lives of Learners

Many times over the last several years, I’ve heard enthusiastic reviews of a seemingly-magical book called The Hidden Lives of Learners, by Graham Nuthall. Here’s the magic: Nuthall’s frankly astonishing research method. Working in New Zealand classrooms in the 1980s, he

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Photograph of the author, wearing a blue shirt, pink tie, and glasses, smiling at the camera

To 600, and Beyond…

WordPress informs me that this is the 601st article I’ve posted on this blog. That’s a few hundred thousand words since 2015 or so. I’ve been honored over the years to meet so many of you who read this blog,

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Man wearing Virtual Reality goggles, making gestures in the air

My Detective Adventure: “VR Will Transform Education”

A friend recently sent me a link to an article with a click-baity headline: something like “Virtual Reality Will Change Education Forever.” Her pithy comment: “This is obviously nonsense.” (It’s possible she used a spicier word that ‘nonsense.’) On the

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An image of a brain in a human head, with EEG waves in the background

How Teachers Can Use Neuroscience in Education

I recently saw two very different looks at neuroscience and learning, and I thought they made a useful pairing for this blog. Here goes…   Regular readers know that I’ve recently been exploring research into movement and learning. That is:

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