College students working together at a table, lots of papers in front of them

Constructivism, or Constructivism, Part II

Last week, I wrote about the often-testy debates that surround “constructivism.” One possible cause for…

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Evolutionary Intelligence by Russell Neuman

I have recently been reviewing human-technology interactions with a team at Brookings, and it is…

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A construction site: a 6 story building with scaffolding all around, a crane against a sunset

Constructivism, or Constructivism? Part I

If you want to launch a feisty debate in your next faculty meeting, stand up…

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Teenage girl sitting on floor and trying to learn with post-it notes

Should Students Make Their Own Flashcards, Take II

A respected colleague recently posted a study about making flashcards. The basic question: should students…

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A closeup of four hands holding out single puzzle pieces, trying to see how to put them together well.

The Jigsaw Advantage: Should Students Puzzle It Out?

The “jigsaw” method┬ásounds really appealing, doesn’t it? Imagine that I’m teaching a complex topic: say,…

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