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Cell Phones and Boundaries

Regular readers of this blog—and, people who have even a glimpse of common sense—already know that mobile devices distract college students during lectures. (If you’d like a review of research on this topic, you can check out The Distracted Mind

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Bright Screens and Sleep

Here’s a handy review of the effects that bright computer and tablet screens have on sleep. (Hint: they’re not helping.) Author Viatcheslav Wlassoff concludes with a few simple hints on how to reduce the detrimental effects of screens on melatonin.

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Technology in Schools: Beyond Anecdotes…

Because technology is everywhere, anecdotes about technology abound. Almost everyone in your school has opinions — strong opinions! — about the effect that technology has on learning. If we move past anecdotes, what does the research show? For all sorts

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Consider the Squirrel…

If you have a chance, I highly recommend reading The Distracted Mind — especially if you’ll be attending the upcoming conference. Authors Adam Gazzaley (a neuroscientist) and Larry D. Rosen (a psychologist) explain our current difficulties with attention by looking at — hold

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Action Video Games Harm the Hippocampus, Right?

Here’s a headline to get your attention: Action video games decrease gray matter, study finds. The article opens with this alarming sentence: “A new study suggests that playing action video games can be detrimental to the brain, reducing the amount of

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The Neural Effects of Media Multitasking

If you’re attending Learning and the Brain’s “Merging Minds and Technology” Conference in November, you’re probably interested in Mona Moisala’s research. After all, Moisala wants to know if media multitasking influences distractibility among 13-24 year olds. That is: does switching from

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Online K-12 Schools

The upcoming Learning and the Brain Conference (Boston, November) will focus on “Merging Minds and Technology.” Given that I blog so much about the importance of skepticism, it seems only appropriate to offer up at least some voices that are

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Cell Phones in the Classroom: Expected (and Unexpected) Effects

Quick! Where’s your cell phone? Now that I’ve got your attention: what effect does the location of your cell phone have on your attention? Researchers have recently found some predictable answers to that question–as well as some rather surprising ones.

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Video Games and Empathy

Do violent video games reduce empathy? If people spend lots of time pretending to beat up and shoot pretend people, will this experience reduce their empathy for human suffering? Will it make them more likely to really beat up and

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What He Said

In recent weeks, this blog has written about the dangerous assumption that students can just get all their information from The Google, and the implication that they therefore don’t need to know much factual knowledge. (Those posts are here and

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