Downside to Oxytocin

Warning: Misguided Neuroscience Ahead

I recently ran across a version* of this chart: As you can see, this chart…

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Thrivers by Michele Borba

Michele Borba begins this book by making a very important distinction: we have sought to…

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African American student wearing a bow tie, hand to forehead, looking frustrated and disappointed

The Limitations of Retrieval Practice (Yes, You Read That Right)

Last week, I wrote that “upsides always have downsides.” That is: anything that teachers do…

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Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Upsides Always Have Downsides: “Side Effects” in Education Research

Here at Learning and the Brain, we believe that research can improve education. Specifically, research…

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Teacher at Whiteboard

Getting the Details Just Right: Retrieval Practice

Can we ever research a topic too much? Can we reach a point where, well,…

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