About Us

Learning & the Brain® connects educators with the latest research on the brain and learning and its implications for education. Through conferences, one-day seminars and summer institutes, Learning & the Brain® provide professional development to educators including teachers, school administrators, clinicians, counselors and speech-language pathologists.

The conference series was created in 1999 by Anne Rosenfeld and Kelly Williams at Public Information Resources, Inc. to serve an unmet need in the educational community. Research centers and labs at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, and other leading institutes have joined forces with us to provide the latest findings and co-sponsor our efforts. Today, Learning & the Brain® produces three multi-day conferences a year, summer institutes in the Boston area and Santa Barbara and several one-day seminars in the NY and Boston areas.

In addition, through funding from the Learning & the Brain® Foundation, Public Information Resources, Inc. supports upcoming and senior researchers in the field of neuroeducation with the Transforming Education Through Neuroscience Award.

Learning & the Brain® is produced by Public Information Resources, Inc.