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Should Mothers Help Children With Homework?

According to a new study in Finland, a mother’s homework help might reduce her child’s feelings of autonomy and competence. For this reason, even well-intentioned help might reduce a child’s motivation–at least in 2nd and 3rd grades. Continue reading

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Motivation vs. IQ: Which Is More Important?

In the “motivation vs. IQ” debate, the Gottfrieds’ research suggests that intrinsic love of learning sets students on a path to lifetime fulfillment. And, parents can help them get there by encouraging curiosity. Continue reading

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Military Parents Serving Overseas: What Happens To The Children?

A parent’s absence because of deployment does affect their children’s learning. Specifically, deployment itself brings down standardized test scores 0.42%; each additional month prompts and additional 0.11% reduction. The averages are slightly higher in math and science, and lower in reading in social sciences and reading. Continue reading

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Head Start: Right on Time

“Children who grow up in poverty often exhibit delays in academic and social-emotional school readiness that undermine their school progress at kindergarten entry and initiate a lifelong trajectory of underachievement and underemployment.”   What a powerful concept — a lifelong

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Parenting Matters, and Earlier than You Think

Studies of neglect and maltreatment of young children have revealed a lot about early brain development (e.g., Cicchetti, 2002; Nelson, 2000). These studies have highlighted that experiences in the first years of life can have profound implications across the lifespan.

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Parent-Child Interactions: Forming Beliefs About Intelligence

It is common knowledge that parents play a vital role in their children’s development. However, we are slowly coming to understand just how vital this role is. Teachers understand this connection better than anyone; we interact with our students’ parents,

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