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Marshmallows and Beyond: Cultural Influences on Self-Regulation

Few psychology studies have created a bigger stir than Walter Mishel’s research into marshmallows. Okay,…

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From Stressed to Resilient by Deborah Gilboa

Our lives are filled with change and all change is stressful whether that change is…

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Translating Research to the Classroom: the Case of Discovery Learning

Here at Learning and the Brain, we want teachers and students to benefit from research….

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Contemplative Student

Have You Heard of…”Prospective Memory”? What It Is, Why Teachers...

Most of the time, we remember things experienced¬†in the past: My most recent birthday A…

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Metal Brain Lifting Weight

Online Teaching + Research: Insights from Cognitive Load Theory

Most of us spent the last 2 years learning LOTS about online teaching. Many of…

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Flying Books

Teaching Minds & Brains: the Best Books to Read

When I started in this field, back in 2008, we all HUNGERED for good books….

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