Enthusiastic Teacher

Does a Teacher’s Enthusiasm Improve Learning?

Sometimes research confirms our prior beliefs. Sometimes it contradicts those beliefs. And sometimes, research adds…

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Tree Wind

When Analogies Go Wrong: The Benefits of Stress?

An amazing discovery becomes an inspiring analogy: Researchers at BioSphere 2 noticed a bizarre series…

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Failure to Disrupt by Justin Reich

Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can’t Transform Education is a well-written critical synthesis of…

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Taking Notes

Handwritten Notes or Laptop Notes: A Skeptic Converted?

Here’s a practical question: should our students take notes by hand, or on laptops? If…

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Walden Pond

Too Good to Be True? “Even Short Nature Walks Improve...

Good news makes me nervous. More precisely: if I want to believe a research finding, I…

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Goldfish Jump

Working Memory: Make it Bigger, or Use it Better?

Cognitive science has LOTS of good news for teachers. Can we help students remember ideas…

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