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Bilingual Preschoolers and Self-Control

If you can speak two or more languages, you’re likely to have some real advantages in life. For starters, you can talk easily with lots more people, and turn off the subtitles on more movies. Are there cognitive benefits to

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Bilingual Advantage: Efficient Processing

Recently, I linked to a study suggesting potential downsides to bilingualism: in at least this one study, bilingual students were less successful with metacognition than monolingual students. In that post, I noted that this one detriment doesn’t mean that bilinguals

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Research Morsel: a Potential Downside for Bilingualism?

Research into the benefits of bilingualism has gotten lots of attention in recent years. For example, some scholars argue that being bilingual protects our cognitive dexterity as we age. However, a recent study suggests a potential downside for bilinguals. Folke et.

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