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Gaining STEAM: Where Art and Science Meet

It is no secret that American students’ math and science standardized test scores don’t break any records1,2. In 2012, the US scored below average for developed countries in math and close to average in science. We also know that many

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MEDIA ADVISORY January 25, 2016 Contact: Kristin Dunay (781)-449-4010 x 104 [email protected] SHAPING STUDENT MINDSETS: PROMOTING ACADEMIC ATTITUDES, PERSISTENCE AND PERFORMANCE WHAT: Researchers have shown that changing student mindsets (beliefs and attitudes about themselves, their feelings about school and their

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Can – and should – young children really meditate?

When picturing a kindergarten classroom in America, chances are you imagine messy finger paint on tables, blocks clinking on the rug, oversized read-aloud books, and little kids climbing through colorful Rubbermaid jungle gyms. (Perhaps you imagine a young Arnold being

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The New Understanding of IQ

Many believe that intelligent quotient (IQ) tests tell you something about an individual’s inherent, and perhaps unchanging, intellectual capacity. But is intelligence really fixed? Current research suggests it’s not. IQ was once thought to be stable across the lifespan. Then,

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Same Word, Different Meanings: Common Miscommunications between Neuroscience and Society

Academics have a reputation for using overly technical language. Just as any career comes with its own terminology, scientific fields often use highly precise and specialized vocabulary that is not easily comprehensible to anyone else. Unfortunately, in science this poses

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Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education by Ken Robinson, PhD and Lou Aronica

To better serve more students and encourage creativity, inquiry, a diversity of skills, and the ability to live a fulfilling life, we need teachers, principals, and policy makers to charge forward with the revolutionary idea of personalized and holistic learning.

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Overcoming Stereotypes in the Classroom through Values Affirmation

Education is intended to be a great equalizer, one that provides everyone with the resources that they need to be successful. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that it might not be as equalizing as many would like. There are

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