Speech-Language Pathology Credit


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The program offers up to 1.70 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area).


These credits are available for attendance at the conference only. See below for credit information for individual pre-conference workshops.


Future-Ready Brains


SLP participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate methods for using AI in the classroom to improve instruction (1)
  • Describe the importance of teaching critical and creative thinking to students in schools (2)
  • Define the science of creativity and list ways to create creative classrooms (3)
  • List ways to prepare future-ready and life-long learners for this uncertain age (4)
  • Explain the roles of anxiety, adaptability, and curiosity on creative growth and success (5)
  • Describe the advantages of our unique brains and neurodiversity in a new AI world (6)
  • List the way that those with autism, ADHD, and gifted contribute to innovation (7)
  • Illustrate ideas for creating the education we need for a future we cannot predict (8)
  • Summarize the importance of intelligence, IQ, and human potential in an AI era (9)
  • Describe reading in a digital age and tell how coding is the new literacy (10)
  • Analyze promise and peril of AI for education and society (11)

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