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Engage in intensive training to understand the science behind mindfulness and how to bring it to your classroom or practice.

Cost: $795 per person through May 26, 2023 and $895 per person after May 26, 2023
Save $100 per person when registering a group of 3 or more.

Join Us For This Virtual Summer Institute

From July 10-14, 2023, Learning & the Brain is offering an online Summer Institute.

Our students and even staff are struggling more than ever with emotion regulation and mental. Mindfulness and related practices have been shown to boost attention, emotion, and impulses in students and educators alike, increasing academic and cognitive performance across a range of domains, while cultivating happier, more resilient students and staff. This institute will share proven practices that can be used by educators and clinicians looking for creative ways to incorporate emotional intelligence, resilience and mindfulness in their schools. You should be prepared for a week of learning and practicing strategies through awareness, movement, games, play, and activities for all ages. Learning differences, cultural differences, developmental differences, not to mention different settings all impact how children learn and this institute will show you ways to adapt mindfulness to meet those differences and settings, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. You will create an outline for your own curriculum, adapted for your school or setting. To ensure that our work remains hands-on and personal, this workshop is limited to 50 participants.

The Summer Institute Is for:

  • Classroom teachers, Special Educators
  • Specials Teachers (arts, health, PE, etc)
  • Social Workers, Psychologists, Learning and Support Specialists
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Administrators
  • Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists

At This Institute, You Will:

  • List practical ways to integrate mindfulness into the school day
  • Describe the basic physiology and neuroscience of mindfulness
  • Explain multiple methods of adapting mindfulness to a range of ages and backgrounds and for specific mental health and learning issues to improve academic performance
  • Create your own customized mindfulness scripts
  • Describe methods to bring mindfulness into academics, athletics, and various classroom and clinical settings
  • Develop best practices to build a school wide mindfulness program while managing student and staff resistance


About the Institute

This Learning & the Brain Summer Institute will be led by Christopher Willard. Active participation is expected throughout this Institute through group discussion. Participants will be expected to bring in material and questions from their own experiences to share with the group.

About Christopher Willard

Christopher Willard, PsyD, is a psychologist, teacher at Harvard Medical School, and an educational consultant specializing in mindfulness. He has been practicing meditation for 20 years, and leads workshops nationally and internationally. Dr. Willard currently serves on the board of directors at the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, and is the president of the Mindfulness in Education Network. He has presented at TEDx conferences and his thoughts have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post,, and elsewhere. He is the author of Raising Resilience (2017), Growing Up Mindful (2016), and Child's  Mind (2010).

Professional Development Credit:

This program provides a total of up to 20 hours toward professional development credit for various professionals. For details on credit offered, visit our CE credit page or call our office at 857-444-1500 ext. 1.