Poster Sessions

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Please call 857-444-1500 x1 to be added to the waiting list.

Propose a Poster Session

Propose a poster session that will explore how your school, classroom or practice is applying brain science to improve student performance. Perhaps you are a past attendee who has implemented what you learned at the conference. Perhaps you would like to do a poster session on what you applied from the L&B conferences and what worked and what didn't for our Anniversary event.


Please submit a summary (not to exceed 550 words) of your proposed poster, including:

(a) statement of the brain-based research, methods, or instruction used or what you implemented in your classroom;
(b) summary of findings and their implications for improving teaching and learning, or results of what you implemented from L&B;
(c) comments on how other schools or practices might learn from your experience/research, or from things you tried in your classroom or school;
(d) specifics about the school, author and participants, and (e) contact information.


Proposals must be received by January 17, 2020 to be considered. You will be notified by e-mail regarding acceptance of your proposal. Those whose poster submissions are accepted must attend the Conference. Please do not submit a proposal unless you will be attending the Conference. Note that Conference registration is separate from poster submission. Send submissions to [email protected]