Detailed Directions

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Directions to the Conference Locations
The Fairmont, San Francisco
950 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
The Masonic
1111 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
Located at the top of Nob Hill in the heart of San Francisco, the historic Fairmont Hotel offers stunning views of San Francisco and San Francisco Bay. The hotel takes up a city block between Powell and Mason Streets and Stockton and California Streets.
The Masonic is located less than two blocks across California Street from the Fairmont, also atop Nob Hill.
The Fairmont & the Masonic are serviced by the Number 1 bus line and three cable car lines: the Powell and Mason line, the Powell and Hyde line and the California Street line.
Travelers coming in from either the San Francisco International Airport or the Oakland International Airport can take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to downtown San Francisco and connect to either the cable car or bus lines.
Travelers can connect to the Number 1 bus and the California Street cable car line from the Embarcadero BART station.
Travelers can connect to either the Powell and Hyde and the Powell and Mason cable cars from the Powell Street BART Station.
For further information, the BART web site is and the bus and cable car web site is
Whenever possible, we encourage the use of public transportation. Parking on Nob Hill is quite scarce and expensive. If you need to drive, consider parking somewhere along the #1 California MUNI bus line. It is one the city’s most frequent, dependable lines and has very convenient stops near the Fairmont both inbound and outbound.
From San Francisco International Airport: Airport Express lists a fare for a shared van ride of $19 to the Fairmont. Reservations are recommended. See or call 415-775-5121.
From Oakland International Airport: Several shuttle companies offer services from Oakland International. You can visit their shuttle information page to get more information and call individual companies for rates. 
Skip the "turn onto Mason Street" final step from all of these options for arrival at the Masonic at 1111 California Street.
From San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to the hotel:
   * Hwy 101 N into the city. 101 N can be accessed from Hwy 280 N
   * Keep left & follow the signs for Hwy 101 N, Golden Gate Bridge
   * Take the 9th St., Civic Center exit. Make a half left onto 9th St.    
   * Go 5 blocks to Market Street      
   * When you cross over Market St., 9th St. becomes Larkin St.      
   * Go 14 blocks on Larkin St. and turn right onto California St.      
   * Go 5 blocks on California Street and turn left onto Mason Street
From East Bay to the hotel:
   * Take Hwy. 80 West over the Bay Bridge ($5 toll)      
   * Take the Fremont exit off the Bay Bridge. The 1st SF exit on right 
   * Turn left at the bottom of the exit onto Fremont Street      
   * Get into the right lane and go 2 blocks until Market Street      
   * When you cross over Market St., Fremont St. becomes Front St.   
   * Go 2 blocks on Front, and turn left onto California Street      
   * Go 8 blocks up California, and turn right onto Mason Street  
From South Bay to the hotel: 
   * Hwy. 101 N into the city. 101 N can be accessed from Hwy. 280 N
   * Keep left & follow the signs for Hwy.101 N, Golden Gate Bridge      
   * Take the 9th St./Civic Center exit. Make a half left onto 9th St.      
   * Go 5 blocks to Market Street. Stay in the right lane.                         
   * When you cross over Market Street, 9th becomes Larkin Street      
   * Go 14 blocks on Larkin, and turn right onto California Street      
   * Go 5 blocks on California, and turn left onto Mason Street
From North Bay to the hotel:
   * Take Highway 101 South over the Golden Gate Bridge ($7.50 toll) 
   * Take the Lombard Street Exit 
   * Go 11 blocks on Lombard Street and turn right onto Gough Street 
   * Go 12 blocks on Gough Street and turn left onto California Street 
   * Go 9 blocks on California Street and turn left onto Mason Street 
   * The Fairmont is on the corner of California and Mason Street
FAIRMONT HOTEL GARAGE (The Parking Place)         
Powell and California Street, Tel. 415-772-5223 
Open 24 hours; 160 parking spaces                              
RATES: Visitor Rate  - $6.00 per 20-minute increment, with daily maximum of $67 (tax excluded). Overnight Hotel Guest Parking - $76.28 per night with unlimited access (tax included).
Masonic Auditorium                                                             
1111 California Street, Tel. 415-474-1567                                   
Hours: 24 Hours, 7 days a week; 300 parking spaces 
RATES: $35 flat rate event parking offered on Friday and Saturday
1051 Taylor Street, Tel. 415-346-9156                                       
Hours: Sun. - Thurs.: 6:30 AM - 12 AM; Fri. - Sat.: 6:30 AM. - 2 AM
RATES: $3 Every 15 minutes. $33.00 Flat rate maximum (24 hours) $12.00 Early Bird Special: (enter by 10 AM (11 AM on Sunday) and leave before 6:00 PM.)
1040 Sacramento Street, Tel. (415) 391-2160               
Hours: Mon. - Fri.: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM; Sat.: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM; Closed Sundays / 160 parking spaces                                                   
RATES: $5.00 for first 20 minutes, $2.50 for every additional 20 minutes, Daily max $28. Overnight, $40 flat rate maximum (24 hours). $12.00 Early Bird Special (M-F only) enter by 10 AM and leave before 6:30 PM  
The above parking rate information is provided by the Fairmont Hotel for your assistance. The hotel does not guarantee the rates posted. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

You may find other options nearby using a site like