Creative and innovative problem solving skills are in high demand in the 21st Century workplace. Have you wondered how creative minds work and how to improve cretive abilities? Does the nature of the school environment shape or stifle creative brain development? Dr. Gamino will present the latest neuroscience findings in creativity and discuss how the brain takes the ordinary and creates the extraordinary. She will review various cognitive theories of creativity in the realm of the importance of inspiring an enriched learning environment. Moreover, Dr. Gamino will provide cognitive strategies to stimulate your students’ natural creative abilities. She will show how to help students connect the dots between creativity and high-order thinking skills. Participants will take away inspiration for providing creative learning environments in the classroom.


The workshop runs from 8:15am - 2:30pm.

Download Texas Seminar Brochure (pdf)


At this seminar, you will:

  • Current neuroscience findings of how creativity activates the brain
  • Cognitive theories of problem solving that lead to creative solutions
  • Developing insights into the pathways of creative problem solving
  • Strategies to inspire creativity in your students
  • How to use creativity to improve learning and understanding in the classroom
  • Why the creative process spurs learning and retention of information
  • Ways to help foster self-efficacy in student learning


This seminar will be applicable for elementary and middle school educators including teachers, school psychologists and administrators. 



kochJacquelyn Gamino, PhD, is the director of the BrainHealth Adolescent Reasoning Initiative at UT Dallas. Dr. Gamino is an expert in advanced reasoning and has served as a member of educational reform think tanks for both the George W. Bush Middle School Matters Initiative and the Laura and John Arnold Comprehensive Education Reform Initiative. Her primary focus is in strategic thinking, critical reasoning, creative problem solving. She is an invited national speaker and has published evidenced based practices regarding maximizing adolescent brain potential. She has dedicated her career to improving student achievement.