You will examine reading from a brain-based educational perspective and learn to classify reading disorders into four distinct subtypes. Dr. Feifer will discuss matching each reading subtype with specific evidence-based interventions. He will show how using neuropsychological assessment addressing multiple cognitive constructs including phonological processing, working memory, executive functioning and orthography can be used as the primary means to pinpoint specific reading disorders in children. This will be followed by a detailed discussion linking each learning disorder's subtype with evidence-based interventions. Dr. Feifer will present new research developments revealing that brain chemistry and neural pathways can actually be altered based upon effective interventions and four universal truths about reading research. Lastly, the 90-minute dyslexia evaluation will provide practitioners with a multi-method approach to both assessment and intervention.


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Workshop hours: 8:15 AM - 2:30PM




At this seminar, you will learn information about:

  • The four universal truths of reading research and explain why relying solely upon IQ scores, or a curriculum-based measurement, can be misleading when identifying reading disorders in children

  • A brain-behavior model of reading by examining specific neural circuits which underscore phonological development, orthographic development and comprehension skills
  • Four subtypes of reading disabilities from a brain-behavioral perspective, and link scores of evidenced based interventions to address each subtype
  • The 90-minute dyslexia evaluation as a more viable means to assess and remediate reading disabilities in children from a brain-based educational perspective


This seminar will be applicable for special education teachers, elementary education teachers, school psychologists, reading specialists, private psychologists, administrators and parents.


feiferSteven G. Feifer, EdD, NCSP, ABSNP, is an internationally renowned speaker and author in the field of learning disabilities, and has authored six books on learning, reading and math disorders in children. He has 19 years of experience as a school psychologist, was voted the Maryland School Psychologist of the Year in 2008 and was awarded the 2009 National School Psychologist of the Year. He is a diplomate in school neuropsychology, and currently works in private practice at the Monocacy Neurodevelopmental Center in Frederick, MD. Dr. Feifer also serves as a consultant to a variety of school districts, and is a clinical supervisor in the ABSNP school neuropsychology training program.