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Autonomy and Motivation

Self-determination theory, developed by Edward Deci & Richard Ryan, argues that people are motivated by a desire for three things: autonomy, relatedness, and competence. (Here‘s a handy place to brush up on self-determination theory.) This theory suggests that teachers can

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Promoting Motivation?

Over at 3 Star Learning Experiences, Kirschner and Neelan are skeptical about research into academic motivation. In essence, they argue that defining motivation can be quite a trick, and measuring it even more so. If we struggle to define and

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Gender and Competition

According to new research, a key difference might be the choice of opponent.  Whereas men typically prefer to compete against others, women often choose to compete against themselves. (As always: be careful about oversimplifcation of gender roles. I myself am much likelier to

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Motivation Revolution?

Here’s the magic question: how can teachers help motivate students? After all, most of our students don’t lack the cognitive capacity to learn the material; instead, all too often, they lack the desire to do so. Frankly, those of us

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