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What we’re getting right – and wrong – about mindfulness research

Recently, my sister and I were watching a TV show that explored the minds and brains of geniuses through history. One particular point in the program caught my attention: a man considered a genius was found to have a higher

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A New Breed of Tools: Offline Digital Learning

Whether you want to learn to tie a tie or you want to learn about galaxies and cosmology, the Internet can be a gateway to knowledge. This is exciting, but comes with a huge caveat: most of the world does

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Staff Pick: Untangling Adolescence

If you teach middle or high school—or if you parent teens—you have no doubt wondered at the chaotic muddle of teenage lives. How can adolescents possibly be so…adolescent? As you stare in bafflement and awe, dread and bemusement, you may

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Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind by Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire

“Contradict yourself!” Scott Barry Kaufman, scientific director of the Imagination Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, and Carolyn Gregoire, senior writer at the Huffington Post, offer that valuable piece of advice to those seeking to be creative. Their new book

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The Psychology of Belonging (and Why it Matters)

Accepting The Need to Belong Last fall, we heard about highly charged situations arising across countless college campuses. 1 2 3 Some people reacted strongly by name-calling and spreading accusations of “bad parenting” or “lack of discipline” to explain these

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5 Ways to Use Rewards in the Classroom

My first year of teaching, I was all about bribery; I had no problem stocking an endless supply of bulk mixed candy bags, so long as I thought it could help my students learn. Though the Starburst and Twix caught

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