The Psychology of Belonging (and Why it Matters)

Accepting The Need to Belong Last fall, we heard about highly charged situations arising across countless college campuses. 1 2 3 Some people reacted strongly by name-calling and spreading accusations of “bad parenting” or “lack of discipline” to explain these

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Bilingualism & the Brain: The Lifelong Benefits of Juggling Languages

Our world is becoming increasingly globalized. This interconnectedness grants us access to languages of countries we have never been to. Through the migration of people, languages have also migrated to places they never existed even ten years ago, and many

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The Lollipop Problem: How Cultural Bias Makes it Harder to Learn

I went to a school in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. The school consisted mostly of western children of aid workers, which meant that for the majority of my school years my family members were the only students

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