Can Our Evolutionary Past Help Shape Our Classrooms’ Future?

Humans are genetically adapted for learning. The transmission of information, skills, culture, and knowledge from generation to generation has helped us survive and become who we are today. Our journey to becoming modern humans has been shaped primarily because of

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Ostracism Hurts: Why being ignored can be just as painful as bullying

Stories of bullying and harassment in schools have become all too familiar. But there is another form of silent abuse that has been found to be just as devastating – and may be going unnoticed. Recent research has found that

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Why Your Learning Style Isn’t Helping You Learn

I have a confession to make: I was an avid “visual learner” all through grade school and high school. No matter the assignment or the subject, if I could make a diagram or chart about it, I would. I even

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“Explain Yourself”: A powerful strategy for teaching children cause-and-effect

Want to help kids learn? Ask them to explain what they are learning in their own words! New research1 has found that when children are asked to come up with explanations (even just to themselves) while learning, they are able

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The Problem with Believing in Innate Talent

“It’s OK, some people just aren’t good at math”. We’ve all heard this before. In fact, some of us have probably even thought it about ourselves (“I’m just not a math person”, “I’ve just never been great at spelling”). But

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Starting Early: The Benefits of Teaching Counterintuitive Concepts in Childhood

Science seems to always challenge our intuitive understanding of the world. Even as an adult, I am constantly confronted with new scientific advancements and discoveries that don’t always line up with my preconceived notions. These ideas, be it physics or

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