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Mother and daughter doing homework learning to calculate

Parent-Child Interactions: Forming Beliefs About Intelligence

It is common knowledge that parents play a vital role in their children’s development. However, we are slowly coming to understand just how vital this role is. Teachers understand this connection better than anyone; we interact with our students’ parents,

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Can Our Evolutionary Past Help Shape Our Classrooms’ Future?

Humans are genetically adapted for learning. The transmission of information, skills, culture, and knowledge from generation to generation has helped us survive and become who we are today. Our journey to becoming modern humans has been shaped primarily because of

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The World’s Obsession With Plastic May Damage Developing Brains

It’s easy to look at the past and guffaw at human negligence related to healthy living. Smoking, now commonly known to cause lung cancer among other illness, was just a few decades ago considered a harmless social norm.  Through the

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Counting What Counts: Reframing Education Evaluation by Yong Zhao

In our quest to assess and compare educational outcomes of students, teachers, schools, districts, states, and nations might we be losing sight of the characteristics of a fulfilling educational experience? Counting What Counts: Reframing Education Evaluation, a 2016 book edited

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The 2016 Transforming Education Through Neuroscience Award Was Presented on Saturday at the Learning & the Brain® Educational Conference in Boston

Boston, MA – Dr. Kou Murayama from the University of Reading was presented with the “2016 Transforming Education Through Neuroscience Award” for his contributions to the field of Mind, Brain and Education during the Learning & the Brain® educational conference in

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Now that you’ve been to LaTB, we’d love to hear your story. What did you learn? What did you try? How did it go? If you’d like to share your experience, please send me an email with: Who you are

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Research Morsel: Digital Media vs. Flourishing

  The Findings: Researchers at Brown University1 have found that increased time spent on “digital media” reduces the likelihood of “flourishing.” For example, students who spent 2-4 hours on digital media were 23% less likely to complete homework than those

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On Average, the Average is Off

  Here’s a potential headline: BOOK ON STATISTICS MAKES GRIPPING READING Or, another: COMMONLY USED SCHOOL METRICS MOSTLY USELESS Or, one more: LIFE STORY OF FUNNY MAN EXEMPLIFIES MORAL IMPERATIVE These headlines, perhaps, leave you deeply skeptical. And yet, Todd

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