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Mother and daughter doing homework learning to calculate

Parent-Child Interactions: Forming Beliefs About Intelligence

It is common knowledge that parents play a vital role in their children’s development. However,…

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Can Our Evolutionary Past Help Shape Our Classrooms’ Future?

Humans are genetically adapted for learning. The transmission of information, skills, culture, and knowledge from…

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The World’s Obsession With Plastic May Damage Developing Brains

It’s easy to look at the past and guffaw at human negligence related to healthy…

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Counting What Counts: Reframing Education Evaluation by Yong Zhao

In our quest to assess and compare educational outcomes of students, teachers, schools, districts, states,…

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The 2016 Transforming Education Through Neuroscience Award Was Presented on...

Boston, MA – Dr. Kou Murayama from the University of Reading was presented with the…

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Now that you’ve been to LaTB, we’d love to hear your story. What did you…

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Research Morsel: Digital Media vs. Flourishing

  The Findings: Researchers at Brown University1 have found that increased time spent on “digital…

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On Average, the Average is Off

  Here’s a potential headline: BOOK ON STATISTICS MAKES GRIPPING READING Or, another: COMMONLY USED…

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