Enhance Memory by Saying Important Words Aloud

Reading Words Out Loud Enhances Memory

You’d like to remember a list of words better? Here’s a simple trick: say them aloud to yourself.

According to recent research by Forrin and MacLeod, the benefits of both reading and  saying words out loud are greater than either reading or saying the words.

When going over flashcards of essential chemistry terms — for example — students might say the definitions as they review them. This strategy should help them learn those definitions better.

Practical limitations of saying words aloud

As I think about the teaching implications of this research, I don’t think we should encourage students to read everything aloud. (Except, of course, students who are learning to read.)

Instead, we should suggest this technique as a study supplement for a few key concepts: the definitions or formulas that we most want them to learn.

This strategy takes little time and costs nothing. In other words, it’s perfect for the world of education.


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