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Investigating Mindfulness: How Do We Know Its Benefits?

We would, of course, like to see studies with larger sample sizes, active control conditions, longer-term evaluation of results and so forth. This study find some positive trends, but overall isn’t impressed with the research progress over the last 13 years. Continue reading

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Brain Wandering

We’ve posted quite frequently about mind-wandering on this blog (here, here, and hereĀ — to pick just a few). This post introduces a comprehensive article about the brain activity that correlates with various mind-wandering states. As John Leiff (M.D.) notes, when

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A Skeptic Meditates

Scott Barry Kaufman meditatesĀ — rebelliously — for eight weeks, and learns a lot about himself, mindfulness, anxiety, and creativity… (One of his provocative conclusions: “Mindfulness is not the opposite of mind-wandering…”)

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