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Seriously: What Motivates Teachers to Be Funny?

To start 2021 in the right spirit, let’s think about humor in the classroom. It seems that, obviously, humor might be a good classroom strategy. When the lesson slows down, a joke or two might brighten the mood. Once we

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divided attention

Fresh News on your Laptop Ban

In a college lecture course, divided attention caused by technology distractions didn’t harm student learning in the short term. But, on the final exam, it hurt both those who used the technology and those around them. With research like this, we can help students use technology more responsibly. Continue reading

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Advice for College Students

This brief (and admirably clear) article offers guidance to college students on the study strategies that have research support — and, helpfully, those that don’t. The authors offer a few sources to verify their claims, explain why some counter-intuitive strategies work

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