Resources to Get Started with “Embodied Cognition”:

The field of embodied cognition has gotten increasing attention in recent years.

The short version is: because our brains are attached to our bodies — in fact, our brains are a part of our bodies — bodies can help brains learn.

embodied cognition

The right kind of gesture, for example, can increase math learning.

Recent Reseach

Susan Goldin-Meadow has written thoughtfully about the importance of gestures for learning.

Frederic Vallee-Tourangeau has shown how that the use of physical objects can lead students to flashes of insight.

Sian Beilock–one of my favorite researchers–has written an introductory book called How the Body Knows Its Mind.

Most recently, the Learning Scientists have put together a collection of helpful resources to investigate this topic.

If you’re looking for new ways to help your students learn, you’ll find lots to love there.

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