No Homework in the Orchard


The Washington Post reports on [edit] Orchard School in South Burlington, VT, [a PK-5 school in Orchard, VT] which no longer assigns homework. Instead — and this is a crucial “instead” — it does urge students and families to read together. Also, it discourages students from adding to screen time, exhorting them to go outside and play.

The school isn’t keeping systematic data (as far as I can tell), but so far they’ve got positive anecdotes — balanced by a few concerns.

For a more research-driven approach to this question, see this earlier post.

[Editor’s note: my thanks to an astute reader who points out there is no such place as Orchard, VT. “Orchard” is the name of the school, not the town.]
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2 Responses to No Homework in the Orchard

  1. Liz Petersen says:

    There is not even a town called Orchard, VT. If you are trying to prove a point, you should at least have the name of the town right. Otherwise it looks like you are making up statistics. Makes me question all your other data.

    • landb says:

      Hello, Liz–

      Right you are! I’ve corrected the post. My thanks for your eagle-eyed editing.


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