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The Unexpected Dangers of Reading (and Writing) Blogs

A recent post on a well-known education blog beats up on that old nemesis: “rote memorization.” To highlight this point, the author links to a study on the benefits of “the generation effect.” When students try to guess at answers

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collaborative learning

What’s the Best Timing for Collaborative Learning?

Learning can be a lonely business. Does collaborative learning help students? If yes, what guidelines should teachers follow? Collaborative Learning: Benefits and Detriments Overall, we’ve got lots of research suggesting that collaboration helps students learn. And, happily, it doesn’t cost

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stress helps

The Surprising (Potential) Benefits of Stress

We’ve known for years that people listen to good news more than bad news. New research suggests, surprisingly, that stress helps us learn from the bad news as well as we learn from the good. Teachers should hope that this study will be repeated with school-aged children. Continue reading

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