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adult neurogenesis

STOP THE PRESSES: New Evidence Against Adult Neurogenesis

For years, neuroscientists believed that neural growth ended in childhood. In the 1960s, however, researchers found that adults could grow new neurons: an event called “adult neurogenesis.” As of this morning, this new orthodoxy might be switching back to the old one. Continue reading

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omega 3 fatty oil

Omega 3 Fish Oil Doesn’t Help, but Research Does

Contrary to their previous research, this team in Britain finds that Omega 3 fish oil doesn’t help students’ behavior or academic performance. These results are disappointing, but their willingness to double check their work this way is admirable. Continue reading

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benefits of direct instruction

Despite the Skeptics, a Champion of Direct Instruction

In the debates between “progressive” and “traditional” educational theories, few arguments rage hotter than the battle between project based learning and direct instruction. PBL’s proponents take a constructivist perspective. They argue that people learn by building their own meaning from

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