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Website of the Day…

You’d like to understand probability and statistics more richly? Perhaps you’d like to visualize some of the more abstract concepts? Here’s a website that will make your day. The landing page alone is worth the click…

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Practice Makes Myelin

Here’s a helpful TedEd video on the neuroscience of physical practice. I quibble with some of the details, but think the overall description — and suggestions — are sound.

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E-Readers and Reading Comprehension

The invaluable Daniel Willingham briefly reviews the literature, and concludes that — for the time being — students understand more when they read on paper than when they use e-readers. Willingham acknowledges that his review isn’t comprehensive. However, he’s recently written

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“Nevertheless, She Persisted”

If you watched the Oscars this past weekend, or simply had lucky t.v. timing over the past few weeks, you may have caught GE’s newest commercial featuring MIT scientist Millie Dresselhaus. The ad aims to promote GE’s upcoming diversity endeavor:

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