May 4, 2015
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WHAT: This week, a distinguished group of neuroscientists, psychologists and educators will explore the cognitive skills students will need to succeed in today’s global, diverse world and ways schools need to reform to meet those needs before 1,300 educators at the Learning & the Brain® Conference in New York, NY.With a rapidly changing world, cognitive skills such as global-cultural competence, critical and scientific thinking, and world collaborations are required more than ever for career success. This conference will focus on how the learning sciences (including cognitive, social and cultural neuroscience) along with new global school models can provide ways to promote “world-class” skills and schools to improve academic performance. Discover the latest in how education can be changed to meet the needs of 21st century students.
SPONSORS AND FACULTY:     The program is co-sponsored by several organizations including the Neuroscience and Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, the Mind, Brain & Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the Comer School Development Program at the Yale University School of Medicine, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, the Learning & the Brain Foundation, both national associations of elementary and secondary school principals, and is produced by Public Information Resources, Inc.

Steven Pinker, PhD, Harvard College Professor and Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, is one of the featured speakers at the conference. Dr. Pinker is an award-winning researcher on language and cognition and has been recognized as one of the world’s top global thinkers. He is a prolific author whose books include The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature (2007), The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature (2002), Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language (1999), How the Mind Works (1997) and The Language Instinct (1994). Dr. Pinker will address the conference on the topic of “Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century which will cover some of his work from his most recent book with the same title.

In addition to Dr. Pinker, the program features some of the other of the nation’s leading experts on cognitive and global learning including:

▪   David N. Perkins, PhD, Principal Investigator, Founding Member, Harvard Project Zero; Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr., Research Professor of Teaching and Learning, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Author, Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World (2014) and Making Learning Whole: How Seven Principles of Teaching Can Transform Education (2009)

▪   Heidi Hayes Jacobs, EdD, Creator, Curriculum21; Founder and President, Curriculum Designers, Inc.; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Teachers College, Columbia University; Author, Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World (updated 2014), Mastering Digital Literacy (2014), Mastering Global Literacy (2013) and Leading the New Literacies (2013)

▪   Pasi Sahlberg, PhD, Visiting Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Adjunct Faculty of Behavioral Science, University of Helsinki; Former Director General, Ministry of Education and Culture in Helsinki, Finland; Former Senior Education Specialist, World Bank; Author, “Global Educational Reform Movement and its Impact on Schooling” (2014, The Handbook of Global Policy-making in Education) and Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? (2011)

▪   Yong Zhao, PhD, Presidential Chair; Associate Dean for Global Education; Director, Center for Advanced Technology in Education, College of Education, University of Oregon; Author, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon?: Why China Has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World (2014), World-Class Learners (2012) and Catching Up or Leading the Way (2009)

▪   Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, EdD, Associate Professor of Education, Rossier School of Education; Associate Professor of Psychology, Brain and Creativity Institute, University of Southern California; Co-Author, “Modularity and the Cultural Mind: Contributions of Cultural Neuroscience to Cognitive Theory” (2013, Perspectives on Psychological Science)


WHEN: Thursday, May 7-Saturday, May 9. Conference begins 12:45 PM. General Registration is $609. Contact Kristin Dunay at 781-449-4010 x 104 for media passes.
WHERE: Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, New York, NY
Learning & the Brain® is a series of educational conferences that brings the latest research in neuroscience and psychology and their potential applications to education to the wider educational community. Since its inception in 1999, more than 40,000 people in Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New York and Chicago have attended this series.

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