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APRIL 27, 2012

Kristin Dunay
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Almost 1,000 neuroscientists, educators and technology experts will be meeting to explore how social networks and emerging digital technology are affecting students’ brains, attention and focus, as well as their learning and behavior. Speakers will discuss how apps, video games and social networks are causing idisorders as well as leading educators to rethink education and teaching; and how new cognitive video games may improve student learning, memory, attention and skills in reading, math and science.

“The conference will address the critical topics that educators must consider as they strive to meet the needs of learners in the iGeneration,” according to Mariale Hardiman, EdD, School of Education, Johns Hopkins University.

This conference also provides professional development for educators.


The program is produced by Public Information Resources, Inc. and is co-sponsored by several organizations including the School of Education, Johns Hopkins University, Mind, Brain and Education Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, and both the national associations of elementary and secondary school principals. Some of the featured keynote speakers will be:

  • Larry D. Rosen, PhD, Research Psychologist; Professor, Department of Psychology, California State University, Dominguez Hills; Author, iDisorders (2012) and REWIRED: Understanding the iGeneration and How They Learn (2010)
  • Marc R. Prensky, MBA, Founder/CEO, Games2train; Consultant; Futurist and Game Designer; Author, Brain Gain: Technology and the Quest for Digital Wisdom (2012), From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom: Hopeful Essays for 21st Century Learning (2012), Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning (2010), Don’t Bother Me, I’m Learning (2005) and Digital Game-­‐Based Learning (2001)
  • Paul Howard-Jones, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol; Author, “From brain scan to lesson plan” (2011, The Psychologist), “Toward a science of learning games” (2011, Mind, Brain and Education) and “The impact of digital technologies on human wellbeing: Evidence from the sciences of mind and brain” (2011, Nominet Trust Report)


Friday, May 4, 2012- Sunday, May 6, 2012.

Conference Begins 1:15 PM on Friday. General Registration is $580. Contact Kristin Dunay at 781-449-4010 x 102 for media passes.


Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA

Learning & the Brain® is a series of educational conferences that brings the latest research in neuroscience and psychology and their potential applications to education to the wider educational community. Since its inception in 1999, the series has been attended by more than 30,000 people in Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New York and Chicago.

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