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dopamine, motivation, and learning

Is Dopamine For Motivation or Learning?

Neuroscientists talk a lot about neurotransmitters. These chemicals move from one neuron to another at┬ásynapses, and in this way help brain cells communicate with each other. We’ve got several dozen different kinds of neurotransmitters. Some you never hear about. When

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Downside to Oxytocin

Surprise! Less Oxytocin Might Improve Social Interaction

A potential downside to oxytocin: it might harm social interactions. This specific research finding offers teachers a general reminder: be skeptical of simplistic teaching advice based on hormones. Continue reading

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Downside to Oxytocin

Oxytocin in Crisis

Oxytocin is often described as the “love hormone.” Apparently lots of oxtyocin is swirling around when mothers interact with their babies, and so its role in maternal affection is much trumpeted. You may well hear people say that, in schools,

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