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The Art of Insubordination by Todd Kashdan

The Art of Insubordination: How to Dissent and Defy Effectively, a provocative title in a time of incredible social turmoil. One may think Todd B. Kashdan focuses on defying a system that is oppressive and conformist; the title brings to

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Perspectives on Critical Thinking: Can We Teach It? How Do We Know?

Imagine the following scenario: A school principal gathers wise cognitive scientists to ask a straightforward question… “Because critical thinking is an essential 21st century skill, we know our students need to develop critical thinking skills. If we want to create

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Getting the Timing Right: Critical Thinking Online

Spacing practice out helps students learn all sorts of things. Can it help them learn to be critical thinkers online? Continue reading

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Critical Thoughts on Teaching Critical Thinking

We can teach critical thinking within disciplines — especially when students master information, and practice core skills. Can we teach more general critical thinking skills? Continue reading

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The Potential Perils of Google

You have heard before, and will doubtless hear again, that students don’t need to memorize facts because everything we know is available on the interwebs. Mirjam Neelen and Paul A. Kirschner explain all the ways in which this claim is

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